Bonuspoeng Hos Nowegian Og SAS: Enjoying Flights with Credit Cards

Credit Cards

Fortunately, people have the chance to earn bonuses and points even if they are not frequently booking flights. This is now possible with the SAS EuroBonus credit card. That they can use for their airfares and other purchases in Norway and other parts of the world.

They have co-branded with the big names, including American Express and MasterCard, and these points are going to be automatically applied to one’s account at the end of the billing cycle. It’s now available for people who live in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

Overall, the card offers a unique way for consumers to accumulate something extra, including renting cars in other countries, flights to several destinations, and several nights of hotel stays. This makes for premier travel that makes everything more accessible and rewarding.

Those who are always jet-setting or people who just want to maximize their premium benefits will find that they can enhance their trips with the SAS lines and Star Alliance. They can upgrade their experiences and make their overall trip smoother.

What are the Charges and Other Fees to Know?

Understanding what people pay for is important. There are several tiers, and the classic ones for bonuspoeng Norwegian have effective interest rates of around 21%, but the earnings can be up to 10 points for every 100 NOK spent. There are also perks like 2 for 1 ticket for a Europe travel with the SAS annually. 

Premium tiers have a monthly fee of around 135 NOK, and the interest rates can go up to 24%. However, it boasts 15 points for every hundred spent, and there can be an extra ticket with Star Alliance and SAS travels worldwide. Inclusions can also be in the form of comprehensive travel insurance that many people can enjoy.

Elite status may also be available, where the fees can go up to 500 NOK. The interest rates are around 30%, but the points can go up to 20 per 100 NOK spent. There are also enhanced travel insurance and three additional cards that are available for travelers with a 2-for-1 promotion.

What are the Benefits that Consumers Can Look Forward To?

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Many people can’t miss these opportunities because, if they frequently go to a lot of places for vacations, then they can accumulate various points in no time. They can embark on a journey anywhere in Europe or the world by utilizing their credit cards.

Also, using the EuroBonus, they can revisit their favorite tourist spots and cities. They can upgrade to something more comfortable and luxurious when they have enough points. There is access to special seats for each flight. The destinations can have a fixed-point system allowing the people to make the most out of their MasterCard or Amex.

If you’re booking online, you can also get a regular ticket with double the points. They are going to have a chance to have discounts depending on the current membership and tier levels. Star Alliance partners also offer tens of thousands of daily departures to over 195 countries with thousands of destinations. You won’t miss any of that when using your card to book.

Other Things that Consumers Can Expect with Their Cards

Bidding for an Upgrade

Although many tourists are only limited to a single class of upgrade. You can’t exactly go directly to a premium ticket from an economy class. If you require more legroom with lots of opportunities to sleep, you can bid around 25 hours before you depart for those who are on European flights and get an option in as late as six hours if you’re going to the US or Asia. 

Business class can start at around $410, but you can increase it to $445 to increase your odds. By the way, this is optional because upgrades are going to be around $5,000. If you’re going to do it right then and there. Check the seat availability, and if you happen to have a lot of bonus points, you can transfer and get an upgrade using them.

Business Class Options

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Experience flying business class with your MasterCard even if the airport offers no convenience like clearing kiosks. There is lounge access that you can enter and with a higher status. You can have a short stay with a meal. However, expect that it can get busy because there are a lot of chairs inside.

There’s also a bar that you can go to that serves vegetables, some cheese slices, and turkey. There’s access to Wi-Fi and fast security lanes. All of these can be enjoyed with the right MasterCard. When you’re flying, you can get incredibly good food as part of your meal plans. See more about the SAS or Scandinavian Airlines System when you visit this post.

Some touches are also added where the chefs wear their white uniforms during the service and the setting of the table with crisp napkins. Add the gin and tonic into the mix, and you can relax while on air. Dessert carts are also available where ice creams, donuts, vanilla yogurt, and fruits that are in season are served. Also, dinners can be a pre-selection of mixed greens, beef tenderloin, smoked vinaigrette, corn salsas, and lobsters, all colorful and delicious with their freshness. Of course, the menu can vary but the meal is often delicious.

Of course, these are just the start because the entrees can be a selection of short ribs with truffles, pink salmon with shrimps, or broiled chicken with garlic confit. Even the meals in this class are perfectly prepared. You can never go wrong with the flaky and moist sea bass. All of these can be gotten with a business upgrade, and the drinks won’t stop coming in SAS. Most attendants will often ask if you need another, or if you would try some of their cocktails.

Amenity kits with Scandinavian brands are also very common. There are moisturizers, skin care products, and lip balms that are all inside a little bag. This is going to help with a more restful night. The point is to get settled quickly when flying with SAS and enjoy your travels to the fullest. 

Plan Everything Ahead

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An important note is that the sooner you have a definite date for your trip, the earlier you should book. Get the destinations and dates that will award you the most points. So that you won’t only enjoy the overall flight but the hotels as well. 

Fortunately, you can find a lot of websites. That will help you search for alliances and airlines. That will give you a date and popular route where you can earn the most. You also need to keep an eye on the promotions because there are announcements that often during off-peak dates. Get around 30% savings if you’re not in a hurry and subscribe to the airlines’ newsletters.

Family pooling features can be a good option, especially if you’re aiming for tickets, rental cars, hotels, and spas. Also, you can shop with the partner networks. Get cash points when you book entrance tickets and tours using your credit card.

There are also options for extra luggage and fast tracks. Get a chance to upgrade from member, silver, gold, and diamond tiers. Overall, these are convenient points that you can use on all upgrades, changes, cancellation insurance, and flights.