How To Maintain Your Powder Brush So That It Lasts Long

A powder makeup brush is a common beauty accessory that most fashionistas would own. A powder brush has a high density of fibers, and the fibers usually last quite a long time as they cover a huge surface area. Powder brushes are easy to clean since they do not deal with moist or gel-like cosmetics.

If you wish to learn more about powder brushes and understand how they are manufactured, you can visit a cosmetic brush manufacturer. However, if you want to know more about the ways in which you can clean and maintain your powder brush, continue to read more. 

Having A Clean And Hygienic Brush

Powder brushes, or any other makeup brush, for that matter, can become a site for the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms if they are not cleaned properly. There is no standard rule as to how frequently the brush needs to be cleaned. However, if you want to be safe, it is always a good idea to clean the powder brush every time you use it. 

Materials Used For Cleaning

Before you start cleaning your powder brush, it is always a good idea to arrange for the things that you need in the cleaning process. You will need a bowl of lukewarm water. Moreover, you may need a mild shampoo or a mild soap with which you can create a soap solution. If you specifically wish to get rid of any bacterial growth, it is a good idea to get a vinegar solution. 

Vinegar is a mild acid and works well to kill most of the microorganisms. That may grow on your powder brush. An alternative to vinegar is lemon juice, which is also acidic in nature. So, if you do not have a bottle of vinegar at home. You can always squeeze in some fresh lime and use it to clean your powder makeup brush.

Method Of Cleaning The Brush

The first step is to rinse the brush under running water. So place your powder makeup brush under a tap and let the water clean the brush. The next thing to do is place the brush in the soap water solution. That you have made with lukewarm water.

Use your fingers to gently rinse the bristles of the makeup brush in the soap water solution. If you are planning to soak the brush in vinegar or lime solution. You have to do so before the rinsing step. 

Once the rinsing is done, place the makeup brush in another bowl of plain water and repeat the rinsing step. You can repeat these two steps, rinsing in soapy water followed by rinsing in plain water two or three times, depending on the amount of cleaning required. After the washing and rinsing step is done, it is time to dry the makeup brush. First of all, squeeze the brush to drain off all the excess water. After this, you can use a towel or a piece of tissue paper to remove all excess moisture left in the makeup brush.

Final Words

Cleaning a makeup brush is critical, or a dirty makeup brush could lead to severe skin infections or allergies. Moreover, it is important to clean the brush regularly or clean it after a long time. The cleaning process becomes quite difficult, and you cannot get rid of all the accumulated cosmetics.