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Imagine a world where creating content is as simple as clicking a button, and writer’s block is no longer an issue. Modern artificial intelligence and advanced neural networks have made that world a reality. Today, in this blog post we’ll discuss the platform called Inferkit. We will also go through the features of this high-tech tool and how it can revolutionize the content creation process for writers, app developers, and other creatives. It is a tool that will enable one to unlock his/her creativity and transform the way they write.

What is InferKit?

Inferkit is an Artificial Intelligence writing tool that helps people create compelling content in the shortest time possible. Due to this ability to write original and interesting text in little time, this tool has received much attention from writers, marketers, and content creators

Note: It is AI-based writing app is no longer available because AI has advanced in recent years.

How Does InferKit Work?

InferKit generates text using sophisticated natural language processing and deep learning techniques such as GPT-3. Users only need to give a few bullet points or instructions outlining what they want written, and it will begin producing excellent content right away.

The platform text generation is highly sophisticated and dynamic, capable of producing complete articles, stories, emails, ad copy, and more by following given prompts. It learns how you write from samples and improves over time.

Key Characteristics Of InferKit


Multiple number characteristics make this website different from the other, given below are few of them:-

Innovative Text Generation Capabilities

The platform’s main strength is in its use of sophisticated AI algorithms to produce a wide variety of text that is suited for the given situation. Consumers need dynamic text and creative material for many uses. This capability is essential for them.

User-Friendly Interface

The platform’s design focuses on simplicity and ease of use, making it accessible to people of all technical backgrounds. This approach ensures a smooth experience for all kinds of users. They could be writers, developers, or educators.

Robust API For Developers

The platform provides an API for developers. It is for those who want to add AI text generation to their apps. This API is intended to be developer-friendly, with flexibility and ease of integration.

How to Get Started on InferKit?

You can use the platform free plan by simply visiting the homepage and selecting the “Try For Free” option. Here are the procedures you must take if you want to try one of the paid plans:

  • Step 1: First Visit the InferKit home page.
  • Step 2: Then you need to select the “Sign Up” button that is located At the top of your screen.
  • Step 3: Input your preferred email address and password when creating an account, or use your Google or GitHub credentials.
  • Step 4: After filling in the basic information on your profile, then you need to click “Save.”
  • Step 5: Click “Purchase” after choosing your plan and entering your card details.
  • Step 6: Enjoy the services offered by the platform!

What Can You Use InferKit For?

With the platform, the only restrictions are your imagination and what you can accomplish. In this part we will discuss the real-world examples of the platform:-

  • Writing Assistant

The platform is a platform that gives novelists ideas for plots, characters, and dialogue. It is one of the best tools available for any writer.

  • Marketing Copy

The platform’s ability to create relevant and engaging copy can be used to enhance ads, email campaigns, social media posts, and other marketing communications.

With its help, businesses may effectively target particular audiences with customized and individualized messaging. Thus, marketing teams may be able to generate more high-quality content at a faster rate with the help of AI.

  • Poetry and Fiction

The platforms can create more than one type of creative writing, namely poetry and fiction. It is more beneficial for fiction and poetry writers as a tool that helps to create new subjects, genres, or approaches to narratives.

AI can assist authors in producing individual and fascinating literary pieces so that they can present their thoughts.

  • Academic and business writing

The platform is also suitable for academic writing and business writing. The AI assistant is capable of providing students and professionals with quality content writing for research papers, reports, essays, and various projects.

Benefits Of Using the Platform

There are multiple advantages of using the platform given below the top-notch benefits are:-

  • Innovative Text Generation: Makes use of artificial intelligence to generate creative and context-relevant text.
  • Accessibility: The simple web interface is designed for non-technical users, while the API supports more advanced applications.
  • Versatility: It is suitable for a wide range of users, including creative writers and tech developers.

How Much Does the Platform Cost?

The platform used to have two different types of plans for the user. Below is the list of them:-

  1. Free Trial/Demo

If you would like to try out the site for yourself, there is a free Inferkit demo available. This allows you to taste the service and if you are fully convinced then you can go ahead and subscribe to the monthly membership.

This free offering, however, has limitations. If you are an app developer, you will not have API access, so you will be unable to integrate the platform with your app.

  1. Paid Options

If you require more than 10,000 characters each week, The platform offers two subscription plans with varying use caps. The following are the plans:

  • Basic Plan: This plan, which costs $20 a month, gives you 600,000 characters per month. The cost of each extra character is $0.28 for every 10,000 characters.
  • Premium Plan: Users may obtain 2,500,000 monthly characters with the Premium Plan for $60 per month. Furthermore, each additional character that is needed will cost $0.12 for every 10,000 characters.

Inferkit Alternative

There are multiple options available in the market that are alternatives. The given below is a list of a few of them:-

  • Conch AI: Conch AI has advanced capabilities that are completely changing the writing process. It provides the ability to interface with PDFs, linguistic support, and plagiarism avoidance. This is a very useful tool for professionals and students that support their writing.
  • Talk to Transformer: Talk to Transformer is an online program that allows users to write language with artificial intelligence. It uses a transformer model, a type of deep learning architecture. It predicts and creates text that fits the context, based on user input.
  • Bulk Corrector: Bulk Corrector offers effective text segmentation and a user-friendly interface that smoothly connects with ChatGPT. This ground-breaking tool corrects text. It is ideal for improving the precision and quality of writing.
  • Quillbot: Explore Quillbot, a writing tool with unique features and affordable prices that is revolutionizing the writing industry. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to use cutting-edge AI features to improve their writing.

Is InferKit Free?

The platform provides both premium and free programs. Usage restrictions apply to the free plan, sometimes called the InferKit Demo. You might look at their premium plans if you need greater use.

Is This Platform Reliable?

The platform is intended to generate accurate and consistent results. However, it is an AI-based tool. Its reliability can depend on input quality. In order to guarantee that the content produced is both relevant and effective, it is imperative that clear and accurate context be provided. To improve reliability, you can always review and edit the created text, making necessary adjustments as needed.


InferKit harnesses advanced AI to revolutionize content creation, offering diverse and dynamic text generation for writers, marketers, and developers. It serves a broad spectrum of users and boosts creativity and productivity with its user-friendly interface and strong API. Despite its discontinuation, The platform showcased the immense potential of AI-driven tools in simplifying and accelerating the content creation process, leaving a lasting impact on the industry.


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