Planning Your Golden Times with Top-Rated Pension Plans & a Pension Plan Calculator

Retirement planning becomes one of the most vital activities in the concept of maintaining personal finance, which brings peacefulness and financial contentment during your post-retirement years. The selection of the best pension plan and their computation, concerning your future needs, forms an important part of accomplishing it. Here are some of the most highly regarded pension plans and the role of pension calculators.

Best Pension Plans

 1. National Pension System – NPS

The government of India-supported NPS is a flexible scheme that will give you the option to invest in equity and corporate bonds along with government securities. This mix helps spread out your risks and therefore gives you a proper balance of risks versus return on your investments.


1.  Tax benefits for policyholders under Sections 80C and 80CCD;

2.  Flexible investment options; professional management of funds. Speaking regarding investments, plan holders can also choose their Fund Managers and steer the switches between them.

Who Should Opt:

1.  Savers who are looking to balance.

2.  Moderate risk-takers for retirement savings.

3.  People who desire to get good returns on their investments done in the long run.

2. Atal Pension Yojana (APY)

The APY is targeted at workers within the unorganized sector; it guarantees subscribers a minimum assured monthly pension upon the policyholder’s submission of the contributions. This scheme is projected at people who do not have any formal provisions under their pension arrangements.


Government-cocooned assured returns, income tax benefits from the firm to the subscriber, hassle-free joining procedure, assured monthly pension of ₹1,000 to ₹5,000 rupees depending on the contribution and age at joining.

Ideal for: any low earner desirous of an assured Government-backed pension. It mostly helps people who want a stable and predictable pension post-retirement.

3. Employee Provident Fund (EPF)

The EPF is a scheme for salaried employee saving, under which a certain amount is deducted from the salary of an employee and the employer contributes his part to it. The amount gets accumulated with interest, declared every year by EPFO.


Assured return, tax benefits and security as of the government scheme. It also allows partial withdrawals related to a house, education, and medical needs.

Ideal For: Assured pension with an added advantage of employer contribution assures a disciplined way of saving and financial security for salaried people.

4. Public Provident Fund (PPF)

Though it is a 15-year scheme of PPF for long-term savings, the rates of interest that it yields are pretty high. The depositor can deposit up to an amount of Rs 1.5 lakh per annum and enjoy the freedom to extend the tenure in the block of 5 years.

Benefits: Government-guaranteed, tax-free return, and flexibility in deposits. Not only the interest but also the maturity amount is tax-free; hence, it is considered a very tax-efficient investment.

Ideal For: This product will be suitable for a conservative investor who requires long-term, tax-efficient savings. A PPF is an investment that is suitable for investors who prefer assured returns with minimum risk.

5. LIC Jeevan Shanti:

LIC Jeevan Shanti is a deferred annuity plan. This LIC product offers the policyholder several ways to purchase annuities from the company. Succinctly, the product allows the policyholder to receive lifetime guaranteed income upon maturity of the deferment period.

Benefits: Lifelong drop-in, numerous choices in annuity, and the safety that LIC provides. It will also allow us flexibility in the deferment term and the nature of the annuity to be chosen.

Best Suited: Those who have a safe pension plan that can also be tailored. It will benefit one and all who want to ensure that there is a continuous flow of income following retirement.

Pension Plan Calculators Play Crucial in Pension Planning

These pension plan calculators are an integral part of any retirement planning. In simple words, all that it does is estimate an amount, based on the inputs you provide on how much can be saved; to help you achieve your retirement aims.

What is a Pension Plan Calculator?

This online tool guides a person to estimate how much retirement corpus he needs to create from his current age and up to retirement age, the desired monthly pension, and the assumed rate of return from post-retirement investments. You will put in these variables, and calculators will now give you a rough idea of what you need in financial terms, hence helping you plan your investments accordingly. 

1.      Financial Clarity: They clearly show how much one needs to save, providing better financial planning to a person. Therefore, clarity in the need for savings at a particular point in time means that people cannot undertake undersaving or over saving and can, therefore, optimize their financial resources.

2.      Personalization: You can further modify this by changing the parameters—the amount you would want to invest, the rate of return, and the age at which you wish to retire. With this flexibility in making different scenarios, you can then adopt the correct way to plan for retirement.

3.      Comparability: They allow one to compare pension plans directly based on financial goals and requirements. Hence, you may make wise decisions by comparing the benefits and returns that are promised under various plans.

How to Use a Pension Plan Calculator

1. It requests personal details: your age and certain retirement age. This information will help in determining the investment horizon and the time length your money has to grow.

2. Setting of Financial Goals: Define the pension you require to avail per month post-retirement and the expected rate of return. The other two essential data will provide a rough estimation of the corpus that you shall require generating the aforementioned desired pension.

3. Contribution Changes: Test different monthly or annual contribution amounts and see what they can do to your retirement corpus. This check of the contribution amount variant, exercises in balancing current needs with future needs.


Retirement is one of those things for which a lot of planning goes in. The right pension plan coupled with support from a pension calculator would have the retiree feeling comfortable, and free from tautness in a retiree’s life. Be it a government scheme like NPS and APY, or private plans such as the LIC Jeevan Shanti, the key is to be early, consistent, and fully informed. Avail all the benefits of these pension plans and leverage the accuracy within pension plan calculators for a tangible retirement plan.