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Petpooja Login

You have come to the correct place if you are looking for a website that will inform you about Petpooja. We’ll talk about the Petpooja Login step by step and its features in this article. Also, You will learn about the software’s features and price, as well as website usage.

Known About Petpooja

The Petpooja POS restaurant billing system was designed with Indian restaurateurs as its target market. Restaurant owners can increase their profits and make necessary customizations with this robustly designed solution specific to their business.

This artificial intelligence (AI) system optimizes restaurant operations, which helps to improve both front and back-end performance. The ability to continuously enhance restaurant service is Petpooja software’s unique selling point. Additionally, for improved management of perishable goods and other stock items, restaurant owners have access to a comprehensive inventory management module.

Petpooja POS software ensures less waste and assists in managing the shelf life of perishable goods. Petpooja provides simple solutions for common management problems in restaurants.

Features Of Petpooja Login

Any portal’s ability to function successfully depends primarily on its features. These are a few points that provide different features of the website:

  • Recipe Management: Build an all-inclusive recipe module to maintain the cooking method for house specials! 
  • Third-party Integration: Restaurants may go online with Petpooja login software. It offers a smooth Zomato integration.
  • Point of Sale (POS): Petpooja produces invoices and bills for every purchase with an excellent checkout feature.
  • Payment Gateway: The platform offers several payment options. These include UPI, credit cards, debit cards, and mobile wallets. 
  • Home Delivery Management: It provides one-click integration with the delivery agent. The agent works for the delivery service provider.
  • Email and SMS: To improve customer communication and marketing, restaurateurs can combine email and SMS services. 
  • Loyalty Program: You can raise the rate at which your customers stay with you. Do this by offering discounts and other incentives to users of your user-centered loyalty programs.
  • Customer management: Keep customers by showing them how much you value their loyalty and by making special offers.
  • Table Management: The restaurant’s seating arrangement is effectively managed by software. Also, It helps with pre-booking and other stuff.
  • Schemes & Offers: Restaurant owners can make alluring offers to entice customers and increase revenue.
  • Analytics & Reporting: It thoroughly examines how the restaurants operate. It suggests creative ways to boost productivity.
  • Billing and Invoicing: Also it provides a user-friendly billing system, and 200+ printers are supported. Biller training is not very necessary.
  • Menu Management: Users can make menus and group them by categories. Moreover, categories include takeout, package delivery, home delivery, and so on.
  • KOT Management: KOT services at Petpooja POS aim to speed up and improve restaurant productivity.

Steps To Petpooja Login

Petpooja Login

This is an excellent example to follow if you are someone who prefers not to write bill details down on paper. To access the website, all you need to do is petpooja dashboard.

  • Step 1: First and foremost you need to Visit the official website of the pet pooja.
  • Step 2: Once on the website, you search for the “petpooja login” option located on the dashboard.
  • Step 3: After selecting the option, you will taken to a new page where you will need to enter some information, such as Email Address and mobile number.
  • Step 4: You can choose to “Sign In with Google” if you don’t need to enter your information.

You can quickly petpooja dashboard login into the portal by following the easy instructions above.

Steps To Download Petpooja Merchant App

Petpooja Merchant App

To monitor the sales of your restaurant, you only need to use one well-optimized application that provides sales tracking. The following steps allow you to download Petpooja Merchant App:

  • Use your desktop browser to search for it, or open the Google Play Store on your smartphone.
  • A search bar is located on the Play Store homepage.
  • Click the search button and look for a Petpooja application.
  • Further, choose the official result out of the various ones that are displayed.
  • Further, two buttons appear when you click on it: Install and Cancel.
  • Then, the file begins downloading as soon as you click the install button.

Benefits Of Petpooja Login

Collaboration of Zomato and Swiggy data is present on a single dashboard: You can get all reports on a single screen with the help of these food-serving platforms.

  • Accessibility: The Petpooja dashboard is easily accessible through any device or webpage. The application is present in both Android and iOS versions ensuring that the device you are using, can still access its services.
  • Support Multi-outlet functionality: Collecting the data from multiple outlets on a single screen would also help in Tax reporting.
  • User Rights Management: Control over what your employees can go through in the software like cash drawer management.

Various Uses Petpooja Billing Software

The unique features of petpooja billing software are advantageous to these outlets:

  • Restaurants
  • Quick Service Restaurants
  • Food Trucks
  • Dessert Shop
  • Coffee Shop
  • Food Delivery Services
  • Bakeries
  • Bars
  • Cloud Kitchens

Petpooja Software Price

The initial cost of Petpooja Billing software is Rs 10,000 per year. These are some extras:

  • Petpooja POS Core: This plan costs  Rs.10,000 per year. Under this plan, the user gets an Efficient cloud-based POS system that works with every OS, and quick and easy inventory management. 100+ Real-time and simplified reporting, a Seamless online ordering system, And 24×7 support. 
  • Petpooja Plus : This plan cost Rs 7500 per year. Under this plan, the user gets a holistic and easy tech solution. It syncs perfectly with POS, Android, and Windows apps. It supports multiple devices.

Does Petpooja have an App or not?

Your restaurant staff can use their Android phones with the petpooja login captain ordering app. They can use it to manage table reservations, take food orders, and monitor occupancy. As a consequence, turnaround time decreases. Order processing will proceed more swiftly. Also, there are AI-powered meals, and it’s recommendations for a better overall experience. With its many integrated payment options, the app enables you, to request invoices through the app.


Petpooja Login provides Indian restaurant owners looking to increase sales and operational effectiveness with a customized solution. Among the businesses it supports are food trucks and eateries. Additionally, notable features include excellent customer support. Third-party integration, and recipe management, and, a vital tools for the restaurant industry due to their low cost and user-friendly design.


The details mentioned in this article are well-researched and the details are just used for information purposes. As well the website does not host or have ownership of Petpooja.

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